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About Us

M Sri Vidya

Vidya has rich experience as an HR professional with good hands-on experience in the areas of Recruitment, Employee Relations, Training & Development, and Performance Management. Associated with the organizations for providing HR services/Business Coaching/Leadership mentoring. Certificated Psychological counselor in Human Relations. Life Coach/ Business Coach

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Why Choose Coaching

• Providing clients with advice on new plans and strategies.
• Assisting clients with their company growth, goals, and plan development.
• Analyzing the strategic plans that have contributed to the company’s success /failures.
• Help clients to focus on your core business and internal functionalities.
• Help our clients gain insight. Interacting with Teams on regular basis.
• Conceptualizing for improved productivity, building capability, and quality enhancement.
• Identifying training needs across levels through mapping of skills required for particular positions and analysis of the existing level of competencies.
• Facilitating employee satisfaction, surveys to maintain a healthy work environment.