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Coaching takes care of your mental well being and is should not be confused with therapy and counselling for mental health issues. If any mental health problems are identified during coaching, referral would be made to the appropriate health professional.

People who are motivated and mentally healthy can be coached to their goals. Students are in the transitionary phase towards independence and responsibility. Coaching is a good avenue to ease the change in role of students

The success in coaching is evaluated by you reaching your goals. The inherent capacity in you is always to succeed, coaching helps you see the way and how to navigate. Coaching always succeeds and the level of success is determined by you


Fear of failure and intimidation by teachers are two of the most top problems. Other issues include time management, anxiety, relationships, financial etc.

Many students benefit from focused coaching. Coaching is like a mirror to you and shows you the reason for the current state you are in. With the goal in focus, you will identify how to reach there in a relaxed and happy way. You are in control as to how you want the benefits to be.

Collaboration: Coaching is an equal partnership. The friend in a coach shows you the situation (environment), your capability, your challenges, and other key information that helps you make informed choices and decisions.

Commitment and sustained efforts have proved to be successful. It also depends on your inherent ability and the goals you want to achieve. You will be the right person to decide, while your coach will guide you based on your needs.